Here are working policies that will move Missouri forward

Policy Directions

Missourians will benefit from legislation that:


limits the expansion of our highway system and supports transportation projects that put Missourians to work

makes our roads safer, lowering speeds and decreasing vehicle miles traveled

uses a greater portion of funds to give people the freedom to travel how they want or need

allows more funding and efforts to increase moving people rather than just automobiles

What Missourians don't want

We have a system that works great for cars, but not for people.

We want to see legislation supporting increases in vehicle transportation infrastructure voted down. 

The majority of Missourians would like to see current roads maintained rather than building new roads and highways, according to surveys completed by the Missouri Transportation Task Force.

Missouri projects that worked

Katy Trail

Missouri State Parks shows the trail is used by about 400,000 people annually and brings $18.5 million in economic impact to the state. 

Rock Island Trail

The Rock Island Trail is giving small towns new life and many others are already making plans to improve their downtowns and businesses in anticipation for a 140 mile proposed section.

The Frisco Highline Trail

Winding 35 miles through the scenic Ozarks between Springfield and Bolivar, the trail provides opportunities for small business development.