Starter Guide

How do small communities start building a community that is safer for walking and biking?

Putting the pieces together

Teamwork between people and government is required to make this work.

Missourians for Responsible Transportation is here to help.


To become an effective advocate, it is necessary to engage policymakers on the issue and to present arguments directly to a policymaking body, like a city council or county commission. Missourians for Responsible Transportation have helped create this advocacy manual.

Planning commissions

Missouri’s 114 counties are divided into 19 Regional Planning Commissions. Theses commissions represent local governments within each region. MoDOT maintains an active working relationship with these commission to help develop regional consensus, address transportation issues, and provide uniform planning services that reflect local needs and priorities.


Governmental bodies, endowments, and other grant-giving foundations regularly offer substantial packages of financial support for towns and communities to complete projects or initiatives that align with their priorities and goals.


State Legislators

Our legislators are elected to represent the interest of our communities. These lawmakers need to hear from you about what you feel is important and are here to serve the needs and interest of the communities they represent.


A well thought out bicycle and pedestrian plan is an essential component of building healthy communities that support active living. The quality of the plan will go a long way in ensuring the success of grant funding.